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We carry out construction of all engineering networks with state-of-the-art advanced technologies
We carry out construction of all engineering networks with state-of-the-art advanced technologies

Our company also carries out installation of all internal networks of houses, cottage settlements, shopping and entertainment centers.

We carry out laying of cable utilities, both in the open and in the underground as well – by means of special equipment we lay optical fiber, water pipeline, gas pipeline and other underground utilities. Advantages of trenchless laying of gas pipelines in Ukraine and European countries are obvious. When carrying out work in the city, it will not be necessary to block traffic, destroy parks and public gardens, break roads, thereby limiting pedestrians and traffic.

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Experienced professionals and new technologies

The technology of laying by trenchless method requires a high level of training of personnel as well as a technically equipped executor. Our specialists not only have ten years of experience in implementing complex projects, but also closely follow the latest trends in the industry. This allows us to use the modern equipment of the company competently and efficiently in order to save money of the customer.
Timely and high-quality implementation of the project depends on a large list of company subdivisions: a separate section of horizontally directed drilling, four mechanized columns for laying of trunk lines, brigades for reconstruction and restoration of underground utilities, assembly and measurement laboratory, repair and mechanical workshop.
Services of the «Bildvel»

Electric installation work

The «Bildvel» provides a full range of works to provide power supply both for construction of new facilities and for reconstruction of existing ones:
  • Installation of internal networks and power supply systems.
  • Delivery, installation, adjustment of any kinds of electrical equipment (of domestic and foreign production).
  • Installation of power lines.
  • Installation of cable lines (underground ones or in cable ducts).
  • Installation of TSs.
  • Operation of TSs.
Our company is officially certified for maintenance and installation of 0.4, 6, 10, 35, 110, 330 kW substations.

Laying of underground utilities

  • Laying of water and sewer pipes by open method and trenchless way.
  • Arrangement of storm sewage.
  • Laying of gas trunks.
  • Design, arrangement and laying of communication lines (telephone, Internet, optic fiber, etc.).


  • Design and installation of base stations with installation of masts and equipment.
  • Installation of telecommunication cabinets.
  • Design, installation and operation of digital communication channels.
  • Building of house distribution networks (HDNs) for providers and customer service.
  • Installation, measurement and certification of fiber optic communication lines.

Water supply and sewerage

  • Arrangement of wells: earthwork, reinforced concrete products, materials, delivery, installation, tray assembly.
  • Installation of pumping stations.
  • Laying of water trunks.
  • Arrangement of water disposal systems: domestic, industrial, rainfall.
  • Sewerage laying: designing, obtaining permits, layingpipes via open method or HDD, maintenance, repair, expansion.

Gas pipeline construction

  • Installation of main gas pipelines.
  • Installation and repair of central and facility GDPs.
  • Installation and start-up of gas boiler houses.

Green energy

  • Design of cable, air lines of power transmission, design of substations
  • Construction fiber optical communication lines
  • Construction of cable lines of power collection
  • Construction of transformer substations, inverter stations
  • Connecting objects to the operator networks.
  • Construction of solar stations with installation and connecting solar panels
  • Input control of the cable
  • Laboratory tests of mounted equipment and cable lines

Pronájem stavební techniky

  • We carry out earthworks, excavations of all kinds utility networks, water, gas, sewage.
  • If necessary, we can arrange the removal and disposal of waste
  • We can currently offer you machine rental brands JCB 3CX and Kubota KX71-3
Any problem has a solution
For «Bildvel», there are no significant limitations either in complexity or in means of project implementation. Any task can be solved "on a turn-key basis": from idea to arrangement for accurate and economical implementation.
«Bildvel» guarantees the best result. All this thanks to our own fleet of modern special equipment of American and German production as well as complex geolocation equipment in combination with high-quality materials. As a result, in the hands of experienced and competent employees opportunities are created where others see only problems.
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Customer confidence is the best indicator of reliability

Trenchless technologies in Ukraine will always be relevant and will always require the experience of high-level specialists. «Bildvel» is trusted by large customers in a variety of industries in implementation of various projects: Sea trading port "Yuzhny", STIKON, "GEFEST" construction company, SE "Sea trading port Chernomorsk" and many others. Realizing your project with «Bildvel», you can always be sure of its timely and cost-effective implementation.
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