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High-quality electrical installation works of any complexity at a competitive price

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The quality of power supply systems is above all

Electrical work is the basis of any repair and construction activities. The quality of the cable lines, as well as transformer facilities, determines whether operation of the building for production purposes will be safe and effective. «Bildvel» is a reliable executing company that performs the whole complex of works: from the delivery, installation of power lines throughout Ukraine and Europe to adjustment of all kinds of electrical equipment.

Best ones of the best

Experienced «Bildvel» engineers are able to create a quality power supply system for any enterprise. At the customer's request, the company's specialists install air cable lines from equipment produced by domestic factories and by leading foreign companies.

What do we offer to our customers

«Bildvel» offers cooperation on the terms of general contract. Specialists of the enterprise carry out the whole complex of electrical work during construction of new facilities and reconstruction of existing facilities.

Services by «Bildvel»


Installation and operation of TSs.
Any enterprise can order us connection, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of substations of different sizes. We have certificates that allow us to work with a voltage from 0.4 to 330 kW.

Installation of internal networks and power supply systems.
This type of work involves design and laying of cables, installation of switchgear equipment "on a turn-key basis". Entrusting construction to company's engineers, the customer spends his time on the project minimally and receives the highest quality result.

Installation of transmission lines (or overhead transmission lines).
We specialize in construction of power transmission lines with a capacity of 0.4-330 kW. Our specialists complete a full range of work: from inspection of a facility to putting networks into operation. This allows the company's customers to save money and time.

Installation of cable lines in Ukraine.
Works can be completed underground or via cable duct. Specialists of the company possess modern technology. This allows to lay cables quickly, efficiently and without harm to environment.

Stages of cooperation

Work on the order starts from the moment of receipt of the application from the customer. After careful examination of the request and received preliminary documentation, the responsible engineer leaves for construction site. There all the necessary measurements are carried out, conditions are agreed and first sketches are made. Upon returning, the specialist makes a scope of works and passes it on to performers. They introduce it into life, complete installation of substations in Ukraine if necessary, and hand over to the customer in terms established by the contract.

Why are we being chosen?

Our engineers perform the full range of construction services from project documents to acceptance of the facility into operation. Via his approach to business, the «Bildvel» won respect of its grateful customers.
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