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Design, construction and commissioning of water lines and sewerage

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Agree with the fact that for a person not related to construction, everything looks pretty simple. Where, then, are there so many excavated trenches and objects without normal sewage? And here, everything is really simple: laying pipes is handled by professionals with experience and relevant technology, otherwise your project is under constant threat of failure, because it may turn out that the error is committed at the design and technology selection stage, at any time.

Any pipes in any conditions

Has been engaged in laying utilities for more than 25 years, and during this time we were convinced that there are no trifles in complex engineering projects. Therefore, we always carefully monitor the feasibility of using one or other technology as well as materials in a project of any scale and complexity. The range of our services is very wide:

Arrangement of wells:
earthwork, reinforced concrete products, materials, delivery, installation, tray assembly.

Installation of pumping stations:
selection of equipment for facility and its commissioning.

Laying of main water trunks:
design, supply of materials and equipment, laying, maintenance

Arrangement of water disposal systems:
domestic, industrial, rainfall.

Sewerage laying:
designing, obtaining permits, laying pipes via open method or HDD, pump station maintenance, repair, expansion.
Work completion process
Over the years of work, has elaborated a certain maximally effective sequence of pipe laying procedure. At the first stage an engineer visits and studies the site, collects information for preparation of the project. After the project is approved, a topographic survey is completed to link the new sewage system to existing networks. Amidst the city, it is necessary to obtain a warrant for production of works.
Further on, if for some reason the HDD method can not be used, work is begun via broaching pipes through the open: excavating, leveling, trench reinforcing, bed filling work, pipeline broaching, pipes covering, trench closing, restoration of the terrain or pavement.
The HDD method involves drilling a pilot well using navigation equipment, expanding the well to required dimensions and laying pipes.

Reliably and seriously

When you have to implement a major project, it always makes sense to work with large contractors who have already proven themselves in this industry. «Bildvel» is trusted by large customers in a variety of industries in implementation of various projects: Sea trading port "Yuzhny", STIKON, "GEFEST" construction company, SE "Sea trading port Chernomorsk" and many others. Realizing your project with «Bildvel», you can always be sure of its timely and cost-effective implementation.
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