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«Bildvel»: design and construction of gas pipelines

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«Bildvel» carries out a variety of activities in design, installation, commissioning, maintenance of gas equipment as well as repair of highways being in service. We work in complex way, providing a full range of services for installation of pipelines and equipment, and a design one as well.
«Bildvel» carries out a full cycle of works on laying gas pipelines, from creation of project documentation and up to putting into commission. The staff of qualified employees and availability of powerful equipment ensure timely and sound completion of the assigned task.

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We offer services of specialists with required approvals for working with gas equipment.

The fleet of the company consists of only the newest units of European production.

We carry out a full cycle of work – from the inspection of the facility up to commissioning.

We take full responsibility for quality and safety of functioning of the installed equipment.

We cooperate with state structures and private enterprises.
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Assembly of main gas pipelines

Laying of pipelines made of steel pipes is carried out in a trenchless manner (especially important for working in urban infrastructure and industrial facilities). Having a license for construction and repairing of gas pipelines will save you from bureaucratic problems!

Installation and reparation of the GDP

The gas regulating station is a complex of units designed to purify gas, reduce pressure and ensure its even supply to final consumers. The «Bildvel» produces installation and commissioning of following types of GDPs:
- central ones (for a group of consumers);
- facility ones (for a single consumer).

Specialists of our company have sufficient experience with points of low (up to 0.005 MPa), medium (from 0.005 to 0.3 MPa) and high (from 0.3 to 1.2 MPa) pressure. In addition, all craftsmen have necessary permits for installation, maintenance and repair of these complexes.
Installation and start-up of gas boilers
Данные инженерные сооружения состоят из ряда устройств, обеспечивающих нагрев теплоносителя и его подачу на объект. Мы производим установку и обслуживание котельных для следующих объектов:
- residential houses (countryfield complexes, multiple dwelling apartments);
- administrative buildings;
- industrial premises;
- agricultural facilities, etc.

We perform the calculation on the necessary equipment, commissioning work and instructing service staff. If necessary, we carry out improvement of the existing boiler houses.
Order construction of water supply and sewerage on a turn-key basis

Cooperation Stages

Registration of the application (by phone, personally at the office).
Engineer's visit of the site: Inspection of the facility and preparation of a preliminary project.
Work of own design bureau: creation of a working design and estimation.
Selection of equipment and components respectively to specificity of work and planned costs.
Transportation of materials and building units to the facility.
Direct installation of the gas pipeline from finished units and pipes.
Balancing the pipeline.
Insulation work, ensuring corrosion resistance.
Pre-start tests for tightness of joints, reliability of fittings and other aspects.
Commissioning (with a package of necessary permits and guarantees).
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