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Trenchless technologies: quickly and efficiently

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We carry out trenchless laying of electrical cables and other utilities without damaging the existing and adjacent territory - with the help of special equipment we lay optical fiber, water pipeline, gas pipeline and other underground utilities. Advantages of trenchless laying of utility networks throughout Ukraine are obvious. When carrying out work in the city, it will not be necessary to block traffic, destroy parks and public gardens, break roads, thereby limiting pedestrians and traffic.

We lay any underground utilities

Laying utilities without damage to asphalt, concrete coverings or gardening of the adjacent territory. This method allows to maintain the integrity of landscape design, which is no less important when working in the city. Our company offers laying of underground utilities:
Trenchless laying of electric cables
Trenchless laying of electric cables of different types and capacities underground, in cable ducts, laying of power cables. The installation is carried out according to a predetermined line and finishes it at the specified location.
Trenchless sewer laying
Trenchless sewer laying in Ukraine and European countries is carried out by trenchless laying (HDD). Thanks to special equipment it is possible to carry out work in any weather, go through sections of "heavy" soil and hard rocks.
Trenchless laying of communication cables
Trenchless laying of communication cables. In any difficult conditions, in security zones of high-voltage overhead power lines, under rivers, in densely built-up areas, it is carried out by HDD.
Laying of gas pipelines by trenchless method.
Laying of gas pipelines by trenchless method. The drill rig, thanks to its high-tech drill rods, allows you to build a complex trajectory, avoiding obstacles.
Trenchless laying of water pipes
Trenchless laying of water pipes can monitor both gravity and pressure pipes. Thanks to modern location systems, our drilling systems can withstand a slope of 0.5 mm in place.
Capacities of our machinery allow drilling up to a diameter of 1100mm at a distance of up to 500m.

Cooperation stages

Visit of
a specialist
At the preparatory stage, our specialist visits you free of charge. He conducts an inspection of the territory, finds out the nuances and specificity of the object.
Verification of
Arrangement and signing of all necessary documents. Their check and approval. Only after that we start to commence all the drilling processes.
Design and
The price is set depending on the complexity of work and features of the object.
Location of
the drilling complex
At the preparatory stage, our specialist visits you. He conducts an inspection of the territory, finds out nuances and specificity of the object and commences preparation for work.
Work completion
Step by step, drilling is carried out and the necessary utility is laid underground.
Delivery and acceptance
of works
Delivery and acceptance of works. This is the final stage of cooperation. You accept results of the work performed with all the package of documents and guarantees sideways «Bildvel».

We are being trusted – we value it

Our specialists always follow the latest trends in trenchless laying of engineering networks and utilities, analyze markets for technologies and materials, use new standards of safety and parsimony of work.
Customers trust «Bildvel», because we are able to implement the project correctly. He have experience of a huge number of completed work and most of them are from the category of "increased complexity." We have experience of participation and victories in tenders held by largest enterprises. Choosing us, you bet on reliability and quality, attention to the customer and mutually beneficial cooperation.
We are trusted
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